Get Safe Online announces first Ambassador Day

Get Safe Online’s inaugural Ambassador Day will be marked on Saturday February 27th. The event will celebrate the impressive contribution made by the organisation’s community of Ambassadors around the Commonwealth, as well as helping to cascade advice supporting safer use of the internet.

Through the Ambassador Scheme, UK-based Get Safe Online is building a growing, self-sufficient capacity that is enabling trained, locally located people to deliver online safety awareness sessions to fellow citizens, communities and small to medium-sized businesses, with the flexibility to reflect their own cultural diversity and local scenarios. Launched in April 2020, the Scheme boasts over 100 Ambassadors who give their time and knowledge voluntarily in 17 countries across the world. They benefit from a wide range of resources, mentoring and other support for the duration of the Scheme. Participants keep a journal detailing their presentations including content, attendee numbers and audience feedback. Gold, Silver and Bronze status is awarded on completion of certain numbers of sessions.

The day will see Ambassadors promoting the free scheme and highlighting its benefits to communities and, at the same time, encouraging people to take advantage of Get Safe Online’s local websites, media and social media activity. By talking to ten people and encouraging them, in turn, to tell a further ten, the objective is that back-to-basics advice on key topics such as passwords, updating devices and internet security software will be spread to hundreds, if not thousands of people as a result of just one session.

Each Ambassador will prepare a 30-minute presentation which they will deliver at a time of their choice on the day. It is hoped that this will raise awareness amongst individuals and communities as well as schools, businesses, clubs and other organisations, and encourage them to engage with their local Ambassadors to present to them. The presentations will be delivered either virtually or in person, depending on local prevailing COVID-19 conditions and restrictions.

Several Ambassadors are being asked to record a short video clip to promote the day, as well as each Ambassador providing clips or images of their activities. These will be featured in a highlights video to be released shortly after the day itself and on Get Safe Online’s social media platforms. To join a session simply email [email protected] We hope to see you there.

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